Have Your Cake…and Good Health, too!

A burger and french fries? Yes!
A glass of wine on a Friday night? Yes!
That piece of birthday cake? You betcha.


What do we mean by 80:20?

The 80:20 is our lifestyle theory for vibrant living.

Eat and live consciously at least 80% of the time.
Then throw any notion of deprivation out the window the other 20%!

To sustain a path of healthy living, you need to give yourself the freedom to stray from the path once in a while. The 80:20 will teach you how to do this as a choice, from a place of empowerment, and without guilt or regret.


Vibrant health is a choice and a decision that we make day after day after day. Become an 80:20 Member today and start living the vibrant life you were meant to live. Let’s do this together!

With love and vibrancy,


Who is the 80:20 for?

The 80:20 plan is designed for anyone looking
to live a balanced, happy and vibrant life!

✓ Want more awesome and healthy recipes?

✓ Want to learn the art and science of meal planning?

✓ Have you tried the Conscious Cleanse and want to maintain your amazing, new habits?

✓ Looking for a community to get fit with, keep you motivated and accountable?

✓ Do you live a busy and full life?

The 80:20 can offer you solutions for all this and much more.
Let us support you on your journey to vibrant health.

The 80:20 plan is designed to meet you where you are.
The plan accommodates all levels and starting places.


When you become an 80:20 member you will receive:

The 80:20
Program Manual

Step-by-step guidelines that will help you start living the 80:20 TODAY!

This 65-page downloadable manual includes:

  • 50+ brand new 80:20 recipes including meat, vegetarian, vegan, sugar-free, gluten-free and grain-free options
  • Three different sample meal plans that each outline seven days (21 meals!) of 80:20 eating
  • Our 80:20 Vibrancy Quiz to assist you in finding your starting point – Rookie, Enthusiast, or Rockstar
  • Good Better Best Guide that will teach you how to upgrade your favorite foods to healthier choices
  • 80:20 Vibrancy Manifesto
  • Kitchen Essentials
  • Pantry Checklist

12 Issues of the
80:20 Monthly

Each month you’ll get a new downloadable guide filled with recipes and meal plans, plus exclusive content for members. 

Renew your commitment to living the 80:20 Lifestyle each month. Get the insider’s scoop when it comes to new 80:20 recipes, our favorite workouts, snacks, travel tips, eating out tricks, meal planning and more. We’re going to mix it up so be ready.

LIVE Q&A Calls
with Jo & Jules

Get your personal questions answered.  

You’ll receive regular invites to join our live Q&A members-only conference calls. Get your burning questions answered, connect with other like-minded health seekers, learn from other’s challenges, triumphs and experiences. These exclusive calls will be recorded and made available for download so you can build your vibrant health audio library. We’re so excited to connect with you soon!

80:20 Facebook
Support Group!

Receiving ongoing access to our private 80:20 Facebook Group.  

We know you love to share. Support is one of the most important keys to success when it comes to long-term change. As always, we’re here to love you up, share recipes, tips and ideas for helping you glow from the inside out!

Show up in the 80:20 Facebook group as often as you like, ask questions of fellow community members, swap recipes, get tips and insights from Jo & Jules, and have your burning questions answered by our certified health coaches. Post your vibrancy and smoothie photos. Oh, and we love food-porn pics. Especially when they are Conscious Cleanse friendly.


Sign up today and get our I  Green Smoothies Guide – a compilation of our favorite Conscious Cleanse green smoothie recipes, plus tips for making the perfect smoothie every time.

Drinking a green smoothie a day could hands down completely change your life! And that’s why we’re including this BONUS guide so you can start being a “green machine” in no time. This one new daily ritual will set you up for the vibrant path that lies ahead.

The 80:20 Plan: $60 (one time fee)


Here’s what to expect:


Sign Up Today

Sign up today and receive the 65-page downloadable 80:20 Program Manual immediately.



Join the 80:20 Facebook group today and receive continuous support from a global community of people just like you who are choosing to live vibrantly.


Monthly Updates

Every month you’ll receive an 80:20 members-only downloadable guide including more recipes, meal plans and juicy tidbits about living the 80:20.


Ask Questions

Join Jo & Jules for regular LIVE Q&A. 80:20 members will receive an email invitation to these Q&A sessions and will have a chance to submit questions in advance.


And there’s even more!

Sign up today and you’ll receive our I ❤️ Green Smoothies Guide.

You’ll be a green machine in no time with our guide to making the perfect green smoothie, including 15 new recipes that will be sent to you immediately. It’s our way of saying “Thanks!” for joining our community.

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